Jesse Garcia is the best lawyer I ever had and the main assistant Claudia is always helping me out! I would never hire anybody else other than Jesse Garcia!

Monica H., North Oakland, California Five-star Yelp review posted 10/26/2018

Hands down Jesse Garcia is the BEST in this business!! He knows the law inside and out with his numerous years of experience, is very well-known, and was extremely patient and genuinely compassionate with me. Jesse has a great courtroom presence, is well liked by the court staff, and is confident and professional when delivering his case. The office staff was always quick to respond and knowledgeable of the situation. This law firm is top-notch, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Thompson Garcia A Law Corporation.

Casie Z., Livermore, California Five-star Yelp review posted 12/27/2018

This is the BEST law firm in the Bay Area! Jesse Garcia and his very professional partners and staff have successfully represented my family on two occasions.
First, my ex-husband escaped conviction on a million-dollar fraud case in Nevada and recently my son escaped conviction on charges in Dublin.
No need to look further!

Barbara D., Livermore, California Five-star Yelp review posted 11/19/2018

I couldn’t be more blessed to have had Jesse Garcia represent me in this tough time in my life not knowing the system or how it works or even what was to come. I knew I had someone who knows the law in and out with many years of experience guiding me through this; it definitely eased my stress and anxiety. He is very well-known, genuinely compassionate and very much liked by colleagues in the field, which definitely works to his advantage. Not only did I have him but I also had his whole team supporting me, his legal assistant was attentive and made sure my requests were filled if any and would promptly answer any questions I had Thank you Claudia Carla and Kathy. This law firm exceeded my expectations and my family’s as well. I am forever grateful for everyone at Thompson Garcia A Law Corporation hands you won’t go wrong.

Amanda L., Fremont, California Five-star Yelp review posted 10/25/2017

I’d like to start off saying we reached a rough time in our lives where my stepfather was in legal trouble for the first time ever and was facing attempted murder charges. There were also immigration issues. Jesse Garcia and his office took care of everything. Throughout the process, Jesse kept us updated and took the time to prepare us mentally for any possibility. The staff is amazing and was extremely patient with us, and the troubles that came with our case. I learned so much from Jesse throughout the process that I’m very thankful for; he allowed me to be involved and work together, which helped me grow mentally and emotionally. He devoted a lot of time into helping us, and it all worked out for the best. My family and I are beyond grateful and satisfied with the help we received. All the charges were dismissed, and he was released from ICE custody. If you need the help, he is your guy!

Maricela G., San Francisco, California Five-star Yelp review posted 8/8/2018

If you are in trouble this is whom you would want in your corner. The best.

Maria S., San Francisco, California Five-star Yelp review posted 12/15/2017

This is the firm to retain if you or a loved one finds themselves in trouble with the law! They are experienced and take on even the most challenging cases. You will not be sorry!

Linda C., Hayward, California Five-star Yelp review posted 9/7/2012