Are You Under Investigation On Suspicion Of A Federal Crime?

Not all criminal defense lawyers have the experience and knowledge to defend against federal charges. Federal prosecutors often do not prosecute a case until they are fairly certain that they have the necessary evidence to get a conviction.

There are serious consequences, including lengthy prison sentences, for convictions of federal crimes. To schedule a free consultation to work with one of our highly experienced criminal attorneys, please contact Thompson Garcia online or call us at 510-STAR-580.

Defending You In Cases Of Fraud, Drug And Child Pornography Charges

Our attorneys routinely work with people who have been charged with, accused of or indicted for federal crimes involving:

  • Federal drug crimes, including conspiracy to import or distribute drugs
  • Federal white collar crimes
  • Criminal copyright violations
  • Software pirating
  • Money laundering
  • Structuring (i.e., trying to get around the bank transaction reporting rules)
  • Insider trading and securities fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Real estate fraud such as equity stripping and foreclosure help scams
  • RICO (racketeering)
  • Child pornography
  • Environmental crimes
  • Federal benefits fraud
  • Bank robbery

The federal sentencing guidelines impose strict penalties for federal crimes. If you are part of a large drug case in California or another type of crime with more than one defendant, there may be opportunities for a reduction in your sentence if you are willing to give over evidence to the prosecutor or act as a government informant.

Do Not Wait To Start Protecting Your Rights With A Seasoned Defense

Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined legal experience and focus solely on criminal defense. We know that building a defense against federal criminal charges is difficult, but we utilize the knowledge and experience that we have gained from helping people over many decades. If you are being accused of or think you might be under investigation for a federal crime, do not wait to call us at 510-STAR-580 or email our firm to schedule a confidential consultation.